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US Blog Tour 1st – 5th April 2019

YA Bound Book Tours

‘The Pretender’ will be going on a blog tour of the US in April, to see full details of the schedule and what is planned than click the above link for YA Bound Book Tours. Back by popular demand, the competition prize accompanying the tour will be a signed original drawing from Emma Haines who produced the cover illustrations for the book. More information on this will be coming shortly.

‘The Pretender’ On Sale Now

Katie Ward Writer, Young Adult Fiction, YA, Debut Novel

‘The Pretender’ is now available for order via Amazon click here for the UK Version or click here for the US Version

The Pretender Reviews

Want to know what people think of The Pretender? Look no further, as below are a sample of the reviews from it’s recent blog tour.

“A delightful 21st century fairytale complete with a charming prince and a villainous father. That does mean the narrative is light and fluffy, far from it.” Norway Ellesea Blog Spot.

“I can see the story transforming to screen easily.” Mass Consternation.

“This is a perfect YA book that I really got stuck into and could not put down.” Coffee and Kindle Book Reviews.

“This is definitely a charming feel good read that you can snuggle up with and get lost in for a few hours.” Dash Fan Book Reviews.

“I highly recommend reading this one if you like enchanting royal tales or a modern twist on a classic. This was quite a charming enjoyable read.” Highly Delicious Book Reviews.

“I liked the family dynamics in Isabella’s home and the way both girls strive to adapt to their new lives.” Chrikaru Reads.

“I adored the friendship that developed between these girls…I also appreciated that this was a book filled with lessons especially the fact that your actions have consequences.” Audio Killed the Bookmark.

“Throughout ‘The Pretender’ the reader is drawn to both characters for different reasons, as much as I would like to see a miracle week for them it doesn’t come without consequences some more dire than others.” Ali the Dragon Slayer.

“It was a great book, even though it talked about important subjects, it still had a fairytale feel. I recommend it to everyone.” Jess Bookish Life.

About ‘The Pretender’

A modern-day adaptation of the Mark Twain classic, ‘The Prince and the Pauper’, I have taken the best known elements and used them to weave a brand new story for the Young Adult genre.

For my version, I have resurrected the French monarchy and invented a Royal family for Switzerland to ensure that my characters can walk in their own shoes and not be associated with any actual Royal families in existance.

Brief Synopsis

France 2000: Two babies are born on the same day just two hours apart – but to very different lives. Isabella is born a Princess and heir to the French throne, while Sophia is born into a life of poverty and abuse. At the age of 18, Sophia runs away from home. That same night, Isabella is also fleeing from the burden of her royal life when she finds Sophia slumped at the Palace gates. Amazed by how alike they look, Isabella proposes a daring plot  – to exchange lives for one week.

‘The Pretender’ is an emotionally intense and compelling story of friendship, love and the strange power of destiny.

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