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Katie Ward Writer, About Katie

My name is Katie Ward and I am a Devon based author who has loved everything literature since I was a child. One of my favourite misdemeanour stories from my school days was on my first full day at Primary School when I refused to do any work and promptly sat behind the bookshelf all day reading. That was the day I discovered Roald Dahl who remains my all time favourite author.

I am also a real fan of classic fiction such as Wuthering Heights, The Woman in White and Vanity Fair which all showcase compelling storylines with dark undertones that really add a sense of tension that I love and aim to encapsulate in my writing.

While I lived in Dublin, I entered a competition on National Irish TV Show Seioge and O’Shea and was selected to have my short story “Defying Gravity” published in an anthology called ‘Do the Write Thing”. A few months later I was also shortlisted for a competition judged by Man Booker Prize winner Roddy Doyle and run by the national newspaper Metro Eireann.

As well as writing, I also sing in a community choir and I have very recently taken up Archery after I tried it with some friends on a trip to Wales (see below photo) and fell in love with it  deciding to join a local club earlier this year.

I currently live near Exeter, enjoy travelling (see my photo gallery) and also work in the Healthcare industry.


Katie Ward Writer, Archery, First Shot